Beethoven Variation Project


As part of the ensemble’s deep commitment to performing the music of living composers, Trio Céleste is thrilled to announce a revolutionary collaborative project that bridges the gap between new and old: Constellations: Variations on a Theme by Beethoven.

Trio Céleste has invited ten renowned composers to each create a variation based on the opening theme of the Largo movement of Beethoven’s virtuosic Piano Trio in G Major, Op. 1, No. 2, a work that the ensemble will also be including on their debut album along with Dvorak’s “Dumky” Trio.

This exciting collaborative project will feature commissions from some of today’s most important composers including Samuel Adler and Pierre Jalbert, and was recorded in July 2015 at Soka Performing Arts Center.

[team name=”SAMUEL ADLER” job=”COMPOSER” src=””] [team_content]Faculty, The Juilliard School; Professor Emeritus, Eastman School of Music​[/team_content] [team_social link=”” target=”_blank” icon=”icon-globe”] [/team]
[team name=”MIKE BLOCK” job=”COMPOSER” src=””] [team_content]Associate Professor, Berklee College of Music; Founder, The Mike Block String Camp[/team_content] [team_social link=”” target=”_blank” icon=”icon-twitter”] [team_social link=”” target=”_self” icon=”icon-facebook”] [team_social link=”” target=”_self” icon=”icon-globe”] [/team]
[team name=”PAUL DOOLEY” job=”COMPOSER” src=””] [team_content]Lecturer, Performing Arts Technology, University of Michigan[/team_content] [team_social link=”” target=”_blank” icon=”icon-globe”] [/team]
[team name=”EUGENE DRUCKER” job=”COMPOSER” src=””] [team_content]Founding Member, Emerson String Quartet; Ensemble-in-Residence, Stony Brook University[/team_content] [team_social link=”” target=”_blank” icon=”icon-twitter”] [team_social link=”” target=”_blank” icon=”icon-facebook”] [team_social link=”″ target=”_self” icon=”icon-globe”] [/team]
[team name=”PETER ERSKINE” job=”COMPOSER” src=””] [team_content]Director, Drumset Studies, Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California[/team_content] [team_social link=”” target=”_blank” icon=”icon-twitter”] [team_social link=”” target=”_blank” icon=”icon-facebook”] [team_social link=”” target=”_blank” icon=”icon-globe”] [/team]
[team name=”ERIC GUINIVAN” job=”COMPOSER” src=””] [team_content]Assistant Professor, James Madison University[/team_content] [team_social link=”” target=”_blank” icon=”icon-globe”] [/team]
[team name=”FRED HERSCH” job=”COMPOSER” src=””] [team_content]Faculty, Jazz Studies, New England Conservatory[/team_content] [team_social link=”” target=”_blank” icon=”icon-globe”] [/team]
[team name=”PIERRE JALBERT” job=”COMPOSER” src=””] [team_content]Professor, Shepherd School of Music at Rice University[/team_content] [team_social link=”” target=”_blank” icon=”icon-globe”] [/team]


[team name=”JIM SCULLY” job=”COMPOSER” src=””] [team_content]Co-coordinator, Music Program, CSU Bakersfield Department of Music & Theatre[/team_content][team_social link=”” target=”_blank” icon=”icon-twitter”] [team_social link=”” target=”_blank” icon=”icon-facebook”] [team_social link=”” target=”_blank” icon=”icon-globe”] [/team]
[team name=”CRISTINA SPINEI” job=”COMPOSER” src=””] [team_content]Co-Founder, Blind Ear[/team_content] [team_social link=”” target=”_blank” icon=”icon-twitter”] [team_social link=”” target=”_blank” icon=”icon-globe”] [/team]